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» Fatty Acid Plant

Fatty acid plant is a complete full plant for fatty acid production. Fatty acid is a derivative product from vegetable oil. Consumption of fatty acids are widely used for several industry such as cleaning agents, rubber, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, paint industries and the other oleochemical derivatives industries. Oleochemicals products bring added value on the utilization of palm oil. The plant capacity offered is 100 tons/day. Stages production of fatty acids follow two stages, there are continuous fat splitting and fatty acid distillation.


Continuous Fat Splitting

This is the splitting reaction of triglyceride oil. The raw material for the process is vegetable oil. Triglycerides is reacted with water to break the bonds. Splitting is carried out without any catalist at operating temperature of 230°C and operating pressure 30 bar. Fat splitting produce yield of crude fatty acids from 94,5 to 94,6%. The process descibes as the following reaction.

Triglyceride + Water ==> Fatty Acid +Glycerol
Fatty Acid Distillation

Distillation process is useful for purifying fatty acids based on carbon chain length. Triglycerides are composed of fatty acids with various chain lengths of C8 - C22. This distillation will purify the fatty acids. The process of distillation is operating at pressure of 5-8 mbar and temperature of 220-240°C. Plant distillation provides purity 99% of fatty acid for each chain.



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