Dosing and Pneumatic Conveying

» Dosing and Pneumatic Conveying

The specific product is dosing and peneumatic conveying. The system is using pneumatic transport both blowing and sucking system. We also provide various support equipment such as silos, bag opener, flexi conveyors and others. . Dosing and pneumatic conveying system are widely used for industries with material in powder form, granules, grains and liquid.


Microdosing System
Micodosing consist of small container stainless that can be loaded manually or pneumaticlly.


Pneumatic Transport
Pneumatic transport can be projected using both of blowing and vacuum system.

  Flexi Silo
We produce a large range of flexi silo for flour storage and extracting by conveying system.

Fiberglass Silo
We propose fiberglass silos provided with several structural and functional features for industrial.

Fixible Srew
A helix conveyor in which both the outer tube and the screw itself can be bent to give maximum pumping.
Scew Conveyor
Screw is made of iron painted pipe or stainless with a revolving screw inside.
Additional Equipment Dosing System
Dosing Hopper
Rotary valve
Turbo Sifter and Magnetic Catchers
Diverting Valve
Rotating Sifter


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