Sodium Silicate Plant

» Sodium Silicate Plant

Sodium silicate plant is complete plant for sodium silicate production. Plant offered has advantages because it is a new innovation in sodium silicate production. The process use caustic soda and silica sand as raw material. Sodium silicate can be applied as deterjent auxiliaries, automotive repair, car engine disablement and etc. Wet process for sodium silicate production is better than hot process because they are environmentally friendly, low energy consumption, high product quality, and able to be started anytime. The capacity offered is 120 tons / day.


Reaction of The Process

The reaction is carried out in autoclave reactors at a max temperature of 225°C. The process is very simple, managed batchwise, and requires a relatively low investment. The process also called as hydrotermal process and the chemical reaction oh this process is descriibes below.

2SiO2 + 2 NaOH ==> Na2O.2SiO2 + H2O



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