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» Food and Beverage Industry

In food and beverage industries, we have been done a lot of work in fabrication and manufacturing of humidifiers, dough lift, oil spray conveyors, emulsifiying system, cheese cutter, biscuit feeder, biscuit stacker, slurry system and etc. We make products to GMP standards (good manufacturing practice) food and beverage industry. The GMP will ensure the safety of food and beverages products.


The equipment commonly to increase the air humidity in fermentation chamber for bread industry.


Dough Lift
One of bakery machinery and used to move dough of bread to the mixer.


Oil Spray Conveyor
The machine have special purpose to spray oil and ingredient on the top of biscuits and snacks.


Cheese Cutter
Cheese cutter mostly used for cutting the cheese and completed with conveyor before packaging.


Emulsifiying System
Mixing machine with a special agitator to make the emulsion ingredients in the food industry.


Biscuit Feeder
This machine completed with conveyor system for feeding the biscuits to the next process.


Piping for UHT System
We provide sanitay piping for beverage product with hygiene requirement like UHT system in dairy plant.


Toast Peller
The machine has specific function for bread cutter and automatically controlled by electrical panel.


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